How Do I Change The Featured Image On A Webpage?

Whenever you paste a link to your website to Facebook or send it in a text message, an image typically appears alongside the link. You can customize this image to whatever you’d like very easily. Changing The Featured Image To change the featured image on a web page:

How Do I Add A Blog Post?

Adding a Blog Post to your website helps keep your visitors informed on current events and updates at your dealership, as well as boost SEO rankings on search engines. Add A Blog Post

How Can I Change The Rates On My Payment Calculator?

Every Revver Dealership website comes with a Boat Loan Payment Calculator. This can be used by your customers to calculate their monthly payment. The calculator is dynamic, meaning based on the information users input, the rates and term limits will change. You can make these changes on the backend of your website. Editing Your Calculator

How Do I Change Location / Hours For My Dealership?

Keeping your hours and address up to date are important, so your customers always know when you are open for business and where you are located. If you have multiple locations, each location has a separate address and may have separate hours as well that needs to be updated. We’ve made this easy to allow […]

How Do I Edit The Menu On My Website?

You have the option to edit the main navigation menu found at the top of your website. Most dealerships like to add events under the events tab, or you have the option to re-arrange the order of the menu options. Please note you should never delete any of the primary options, such as New Boats, […]

How Do I Add An Event?

An Event Landing Page allows your dealership to showcase upcoming events that you are hosting. Each landing page comes with a banner image, date & time information, and a RSVP field to allow users to register for an event, and helps your dealership collect emails for future campaigns. Event landing pages are separate from Boat […]

How Do I Edit The Alert Banner?

The Alert Banner on your website is a great way to add important information your users need to know. This could be dealership closures, new hours, upcoming events, or whatever information you’d like. Editing The Alert Banner To edit your Alert Banner Message: Please note, if you remove your message, the default message will be […]

How Do I Remove / Add A Staff Member?

Adding your staff members to your dealership website is a great way to build trust with your potential customers. We allow you to add, edit, and remove staff members easily. Adding / Removing Staff Removing Staff Members: Adding Staff Members: Adding A New Department Your website comes with 5 default departments to add staff to: […]

How To Use Your Revver Website

Welcome to Revver! This brief overview shows you how to login and access the backend of your Revver website. Here you can make changes to your website, such as adjusting hours & locations, adding new photos & content, and so much more. Website Overview Logging Into Your Revver Website To login to your Revver Website: […]

How Do I Add A Boat Show Landing Page To My Site?

Adding a landing page for an upcoming Boat Show is a great way to generate interest in the event, and secure emails from your customers. Each landing page features an RSVP form that will collect the user’s Name, Email, Phone number, and brands they are interested in. These are automatically sent to the email address […]