Release Notes 4.3.0 – 4.3.1

Released on 02/27/24-02/28/24 1. Mobile – View Customer Contact Card: – Salespersons, now have the ability to tap on a customer’s name from their list to view their full record, including personal details, history, and recent interactions, so that they will have all the necessary information prepare effectively for follow-up actions or meetings.  2. Mobile […]

Release Notes 3.11.0

Released on 01/09 1. Inventory List – Add an Ad Score breakdown to the inventory table 2. Motors & Trailer Deal Search. 4. Motor & Trailer specific deal listing detail pages have been added. 5. No items found message when the deal is not found. 6. Boat type has been added as a Quicksearch option. […]

Release Notes 3.10.0

Released on 12/19 1. Inventory List – Include Boat Type: OneWater’s current Boat Types are: Bug Fixes:

Release Notes 3.9.0

Released on 12/13 1. Enable the ability to filter by “Source” Field: 2. Age of unit on log Bug Fixes:

Release Notes 3.8.0

Released on 11/30 1. Boat Show Log: Last Updated Banner 2. Boat Show Log: Mobile View 3. Customer List: Add Source Column 4. Inventory Details: Upload Video 5. Bulk Window Sticker: Interface Updates 6. Store Activity: Notes Field Bug Fixes:

How Do I Edit Text On My Website?

The text on your website constantly needs to be updated with new dates, information, and more. To keep the content on your website relevant, we’ve made it easy to add, edit, or remove text sections on your site. Where You Can Edit Text The following pages have text sections that are editable: Every site is […]

How Do I Change Homepage Slides?

The Hero Slider is the first thing visitors see when the access your website, and is a great place to put a clear call to action to entice web visitors to navigate your site. These slides could be Sales related (such as a special deal on a certain kind of boat), Event related (such as […]

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