Release Notes 4.10.0

Released on 7/17/2024 1. Feature Improvement: Quote Header Information 2. Feature Improvement: Quoting Tool Preview & Finalize Buttons *Bug Fixes: *Other Notables

Release Notes 4.9.5

Released on 7/10/2024 1. Feature Improvement: Daily Store Log Search 2. Feature Improvement: Non-Sellable Units 3. Feature Improvement: Quoting Tool 4. New Feature: User Profile *Bug Fixes: *Other Notables

Release Notes 4.9.3

Released on 6/26/2024 1. Pending Sales Log: New Menu Item 2. Reporting: New Menu Item 3. Trade Eval: New Email Alert *Bug Fixes: *Other Notables

Release Notes 4.9.0

Released on 6/12/2024 1. Sales Log: Added “Contract to Close” Column 2. Sales Log: Rearrange and Remove Columns *Bug Fixes: *Other Notables

Release Notes 4.8.3

Released on 6/5/2024 2. Age Column Updates: Pending Sales Log *Bug Fixes: *Other Notables

Release Notes 4.8.0

Released on 5/15/24 2. Feature Improvement: Updated itemization on the Quoting tool pdf 3. Feature Improvement: Non-Sellable Inventory will display notes *Bug Fixes: *Other Notables