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Website Inventory Update – Boat Revver 2.0

Released Globally on 3/6/23

This plugin update includes the following documented change logs:

On the Boats Template>Add Inventory Flags on Search: We have added flags/banners on the search cards to highlight inventory that has a price change, coming soon, or just arrived. Below is logic outlined for these flags:

  • Price Reduced = shown on any listing we have a sale price being displayed.
  • Coming Soon = On order boats
  • New Arrival = any recently listed for the first time on Inventory Partner API. We only display those vessels that were ‘created’ within the past month.

On the Boats Template>Detail Page relabel ‘Request a Quote’ to Contact Dealer:

On the Boats Template>Merge Impel images/360 into carousel gallery – We moved Impel Images and the 360 Spins above the fold, making it prominent and easily found within the top carousel photo gallery.

On the Boats Template>Allow strikethrough on MSRP to display DSRP: We are now displaying both MSRP and DSRP, noted by a strikethrough to indicate a price reduction. More on how to properly set this up here.

Both Yachts and Boats Template>Favorites Filtering: We added a favorites filtering option at left on the search page. Checking this will auto filter and display the vessels you have flagged as ‘favorite’ (indicated by clicking the hollow heart and it fills in).

Yacht Template>Force Full Details and Specifications to default Open: We are now forcing these accordions of information to be opened by default, not collapsed.

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