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Website Inventory Update – Boat Revver 2.1986

Released on 7/26/23

This plugin update includes the following documented change logs:

1. Display Full Details/Options for Yachts (Yacht Template): We enabled the ability to feed in full details/options coming from our data source. This was inserted beneath the specs chart.

Please note – this pulls in the styling from the data source. If you choose to add bullets to the list in your datasource (IYBA or LightSpeed) please copy/paste into that source and THEN add the bullets.

Bad Example (no bullets):

Good Example (bullets):

2. Dynamic Model Feed: We modified our shortcode to be able to display active models on our model landing pages.

Example Feeding Absolute Navetta 58 models:

3. Update Impel Default Image: We replaced the default Impel image in the gallery with a better and more obvious image:



4. Data Timestamp: Added a ‘last update’ date/timestamp of when data was updated for a specific vessel on the detail page. This was placed below the specs chart and can better help us see when the data was last modified and displayed on the website.

5. SEO – Dynamic Title Tags and Meta Description on Listing Detail Pages: We added code to inject dynamic title tags and meta description for our listing detail pages. Originally, these were written generic as ‘Details – Boat Listings – New & Used Boats – Texas Marine’. These have been updated to include boat details and location information dynamically injected.

<title>Condition Year Make Model in City, State| Website Dealership</title>

<meta name="description" content="Check out this Condition Year Make Model in City, State, Zip. View this Boat Type and other Boat Types for sale on Website Dealership" />

6. Pull in HTML from data source in Description Field: We are now pulling in the HTML and paragraph breaks used in the data original source (LightSpeed/IYBA) for the description field. The goal here is to ensure the block of text is not jumbled, but includes cleaner paragraph breaks/links/styling.



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