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How Do I Add An Event?

An Event Landing Page allows your dealership to showcase upcoming events that you are hosting. Each landing page comes with a banner image, date & time information, and a RSVP field to allow users to register for an event, and helps your dealership collect emails for future campaigns.

Event landing pages are separate from Boat Show landing pages. If you’re looking to create a landing page specifically for a boat show, Click Here.

Adding An Event

To add an Event to your site:

  1. Login to your Revver Website
  2. Under Quick Actions, select “Add New Event”
  3. Upload a banner for your event (Must Be 1800px by 500px in size)
  4. Fill in all event information
  5. Click “Publish”

If you’d like to also add the event to your Events Menu dropdown in the header, Click Here.

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