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How To Use Your Revver Website

Welcome to Revver! This brief overview shows you how to login and access the backend of your Revver website. Here you can make changes to your website, such as adjusting hours & locations, adding new photos & content, and so much more.

Website Overview

Logging Into Your Revver Website

To login to your Revver Website:

  1. Visit your website (boatshop.com)
  2. After the .com in the search bar, add /wp-admin/
  3. This will bring up the login screen, allowing you to access the backend of your site


Once logged in, you’ll be on your website’s dashboard. This is where you can preform quick actions, review form entries, and see other useful information about your website. On your dashboard you’ll find the following:

Quick Actions

Quick Actions are links to make quick changes on your site. These include:

  1. Edit Hero Slideshow (The Slideshow on your Homepage)
  2. Change Alert Message (The banner on the left-hand side at the top of the header)
  3. Add New Event (Event landing page for your dealership events)
  4. Add New Boat Show (Boat Show specific landing pages)
  5. Manage Staff (Add or Remove staff from your dealership)
  6. Add Review (Add a review to your testimonials page)
  7. Edit Locations & Hours (Found on the Contact Us page)
  8. Edit Site Menu (Make changes to the navigation menu located at the top of your site)

Web Traffic

Click this button to be directed to the Web Traffic page, where you can view website reports & analytics.

Form Inbox

Click this button to review all form entries on your site, and export them for lead tracking purposes.

Site Health & System Info

Information about your site hosting and other developer data.

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