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Release Notes 3.3.1

Released on 8/9/23

This ProRevver Update includes many improvements to the Follow Up feature:

1. Follow Ups can now be scheduled for today’s date: The date of a follow up will still default to tomorrow, but today’s date is now selectable in the calendar.

2. Multiple Follow Ups can be scheduled for the same date: You can now schedule multiple follow ups for the same date. This will no longer clear your follow ups, it will display all of your scheduled follow ups for that date on your follow up panel in the customer record.

3. Manually clearing of Follow Ups: You will now manually clear your follow ups by selecting the checkbox next to the follow up you want to complete. ProRevver will provide a pop up to ask if you want to complete any of your existing follow ups when you are saving an activity.

  • You do not have to complete a follow up if you do not wish, you can select “Not Now”

You can also choose the checkmark on your follow up panel to complete a follow up

  • This will let the system know that you’ve completed the follow-up, and the activity will be logged in the customer’s record.

This release also includes updates to the Manager Dashboard

  1. There are 2 new fields added to the Manager Dashboard: Both fields pertain to the number of units that are not published on your website.
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