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Release Notes 3.4.0

Released on 8/20/23

1. Feature Requests: We have designed a new Feature Request page that allows you to add new feature requests and existing feature improvement suggestions.

  • These items should be features that you believe would be beneficial to add to ProRevver
  • You can also vote on other idea submissions
  • This will allow the ProRevver development team to track which features are most commonly requested, and prioritize feature requests
  • You can access this page from the “Resources” tab drop-down in your ProRevver navigation menu
    • ProRevver > Resources > Feature Requests

2. Release Notes: You can access all of the ProRevver release notes documentation from your ProRevver navigation menu

  • ProRevver > Resources > ProRevver Support
  • We will update the Release Note documentation for every ProRevver deployment. This will include high-level updates and bug fixes

3. A Follow Up is not added when a manager creates a “Note” activity on a customer record: Previously when a manager was adding a “note” activity to a customer record for their sales rep, it was adding an activity for the sales rep automatically, and in some cases overriding the follow up a sales rep already had scheduled.

  • This applies to manager-level access only
  • A manager can now make a note, save the note, tag sales consultant, without automatically scheduling a follow up
  • If a manager does need to schedule a follow up for the sales rep, they can do that in the “Schedule Follow Up” panel on the left hand side

Bug Fixes:

  • Marking lead as “replied” on Speed to Lead when TextCRM is used as the first contact
  • “Email Selected Customers” button on salesperson customer list page has been readded

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