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Release Notes 3.4.4

Released on 9/12/23

This update features improvements to the Inventory Media Management, Listing Details Page, Photo Uploads, and Customer Deal Data

1. Media column on the Inventory Table:

  • The media column now has a preview of your image instead of a generic icon.
  • The media column has your total count of photos for each unit.
  • We have implemented a “Green, Yellow, Red” system for photo counts.
    • Green = 10 or more photos uploaded
    • Yellow = Less than 10 photos uploaded
    • Red = 0 photos uploaded

Old version:

2. The Listing Detail Page on the Inventory Tool has a new look and feel:

  • All of the information on this page remains the same.
  • The appearance has been redesigned to enhance information accessibility.

3. Managing Media through the Inventory Tool:

  • Upload, delete, arrange, and edit your photos all from the Inventory Listing Detail Page.
  • This will update your photos on the website.
  • This function removes the need for Media Manager and gives you more capabilities than before.
  • Access Point: ProRevver > Inventory Tool > Search & Select Unit >

4. Deal Detail Page: A brand new page has been designed for all deals

  • You can access this page in 2 places:
    • Clicking the deal # on the Pending Sales Log
    • Clicking on the new “Customer Has” section

5. Customer Record: “Customer Has” will be added to the customer record when a deal is closed

  • The “Customer Has” section will contain the following data from the major unit that was purchased: Type, Make, Model, Year, Length, Primary Listing Image, Purchase Date, Deal #, Sale Price, & Finance Information
  • This will log automatically in ProRevver once a deal has closed on the Pending Sales Log.
  • You can access the deal detail page by clicking on the deal details in the “Customer Has” section

6. Follow Up Type: You can now select what your next follow up type should be

  • When logging activity, you will now be able to select what type of follow up activity should be next.
  • The follow up type will default to “Phone Call” but allow for other selections as well.
  • This will allow for more customized and detailed follow up activities to help you navigate your daily follow ups.
  • Previously, the follow up type defaulted to the activity type you were logging originally.

Bug Fixes:

  • This deployment fixes an issue with the Boat Show Lead Application tool not displaying all salespeople selected.

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