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Release Notes 3.4.5

Released on 9/19

1. Manager Dashboard: updates to the Sales Results Data

  • “Contracts” is renamed to “Pending”
  • “Carryover” has been added
  • This will link you to the pending sales log to view the data results

2. Inventory: Filtering is available based on the number of images

  • You can now filter based on the number of images that have been uploaded.
  • The filtering allows you to select “equal to” or “less than” to find listings that need more images.

Previous: was only a “true or false” option

3. Pending Sales Log: Table is Scrollable

  • The header on the Pending Sales Log is now locked so that the header does not disappear as you scroll

Bug Fixes:

  • Inventory pdf export
  • Spacing on the Inventory Listing Detail Page
  • Photo count on the media uploader
  • Filtering by Contract Date on Pending Sales Log

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