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Release Notes 3.7.0

Released on 11/1

1. Inventory Search Criteria Additions: We have added new criteria options for the inventory quick search

  • Previous search criteria:
    • Make, Model, Year, Stock #, Length
  • New search criteria Added:
    • VIN #, Exterior Color, in addition to the above

2. Deal Quick Search: We have added the ability to quick search deals

  • Quickly find the deal details page using the quick search function.

3. International Phone Numbers: ProRevver can accommodate international phone numbers on customer records

  • Choose the country code when adding the customer to ProRevver

4. Quoting Tool Notes: Notes section has been increased to 500 characters

Bug Fixes:

  • Inventory pdf export
  • Document uploader will display messaging when a file is too large
  • TextCRM error messaging

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