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Release Notes 3.7.1

Released on 11/8

1. Email Signature: The new email tool in ProRevver now has email signature

  • This is automatic, you do not need to set up a signature
  • Your signature will include your dealership logo, name, email, phone number, dealer address, and dealer website
  • You will not see the signature when you are drafting your email, but picking “preview” or viewing your sent emails in ProRevver will show you the signature

2. Email Communication Tool: Sent emails now display in your sent folder in Outlook

3. Customer List: The Customer List page is now filterable

  • You can filter each column on the Customer List page
  • This will make it easier to find a customer that you are looking for – rather than only being able to filter by status or full customer name

4. Sold Notifier Email: This email will now include “Source” from Lightspeed

  • This will be specifically helpful at Boat Shows
  • Example:
    • Source: Boat Show
    • Source Code: FLIBS2023

5. Brokerage Boats: Brokered boats have been added to the salesperson pending deals log

Bug Fixes:

  • TextCRM responses from a customer
  • CRM notifiers not linking to customer record
  • ProRevver image uploader
  • Adding a customer with email only

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