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Release Notes 3.7.2

Released on 11/15

1. Pending Sales Log: The Vin # has been added to the Pending Sales Log

  • This will help the Inventory Team utilize the pending sales log for their reports

2. Boat Show Log: Lead Totals

  • The Shows Log will display how many total leads were collected using the Lead Entry Application.

3. Bulk Window Sticker: Filtered results from the Inventory Page are selectable for bulk printing

  • When filtering on the inventory table, then choosing “Bulk Window Stickers” your filtered results are the first to show
  • This gives you another option to bulk print window stickers instead of having to type in each individual stock number only
  • Ex: I can filter by “Bosun’s Marine” and “Tiara” > Window Stickers
    • The results that display are the filtered options that I selected
    • This will make it much easier to print window stickers in bulk for shows, events, customers looking at specific makes/models, etc.

Bug Fixes:

  • Select All option on the customer list is re-enabled.

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