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Release Notes 3.8.0

Released on 11/30

1. Boat Show Log: Last Updated Banner

  • A new banner has been added to show when the show log was last updated.

2. Boat Show Log: Mobile View

  • On mobile, you will see a table instead of charts for Daily Totals.

3. Customer List: Add Source Column

  • The Customer List now includes a new column displaying how the lead was ingested.

4. Inventory Details: Upload Video

  • The ability to add YouTube videos to listings has been added.

5. Bulk Window Sticker: Interface Updates

  • The option to remove selected inventory has now been added.

6. Store Activity: Notes Field

  • A notes field has been added to the Store Activity page.
    • This allows managers to see notes added to customer records without pulling up the customer record.

Bug Fixes:

  • Uploaded photos will no longer be rearranged after one is deleted.
  • Deal Document Uploader – User ID is now being captured.

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