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Release Notes 4.4.1

Released on 3/5/24-3/12/24

  1. Deal Movement Report
  • Reporting > Deal Movement Report
  • New Deals – New deals compared to the previous day
  • Removed Deals – Deals that were removed (deleted) “Removed Deals”
  • Moved to Carryover – Deals moved out of this month into a future month
  • Moved In Deals – Deals previously in CO that were “Moved In” to this month
  • Total increase in deal numbers day-over-day
  • Aggregated totals will display at the top of the page, by scrolling down you can access each deal number in each category

2. Monthly Sales Report

  • Reporting > Monthly Sales Report
  • Compares the previous year’s monthly data, to the current year/month data
  • Objective – Total sales for the same month in the previous year + 10%
  • % of the Objective – Pending + Closed / Objective
  • Per Day Needed – total units that need to be closed daily to meet the objective by the end of the month

*Bug Fixes:

  • Total count on Leads Application by location
  • Inventory mobile view now properly allows filter selection
  • Adding a follow up on mobile
  • Corrected an issue with Customer Has displaying a reload error when the year was selected
  • Sales Log is correctly displaying customer name
  • Properly handle leap year data on Sales Log
  • Added customer UID to customer search index and results
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