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Release Notes 4.6.0

Released on 3/27/24

  1. New Feature: Image Gallery
  • Listing Details Page > Image Gallery
  • Allows users to search for and attach existing images to a boat listing
  • Enhances the efficiency in managing listings when dealing with recurring inventory
  • The Image Gallery is filterable by Make, Model, and Year
  • Select the images you would like to add to your listing, and choose “Add Images”
  • Your images will be added to your listing
  • Image availability is based on your dealer group
    • This is Phase 1 of the new feature release. Phase 2 will enable access to all images across all dealer groups for the company

2. Inventory Saved Search: New action buttons on the saved search feature

  • Save your Inventory Searches by using the drop-down menu and choosing “Save Search and Filters” in the action items
  • Give your search a meaningful name

3. Inventory: Increased Speed

  • Updated the Inventory Tool to significantly increase speed and efficiency

4. Location Code Change: Sunrise Marine Orange Beach

  • The Location Code for Sunrise Marine Orange Beach is: SOR
  • This has been updated in ProRevver and Lightspeed

*Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Inventory scoring based on 1,000+ character count
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