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Release Notes 4.8.0

Released on 5/15/24

  1. New Feature: Daily Store Log
  • Used to track and count store activity, including door swings and incoming phone call traffic
  • Daily Store Log > Select Location (if applicable)
    • Select Walk-In vs Phone Call
    • Select Department
    • Search existing customers or enter new customer information
    • Add information and select “Log Customer”
  • Once the customer has been logged, it appears in the table and reporting chart
  • Each door swing/walk-in and inbound phone call should be logged
  • Ability to log current customer activity or log new customer activity and create a new customer record
  • Ability to log activity based on department
  • Reporting on daily traffic based on: type, department, and new vs current
  • Ability to export the daily log to csv file
  • Editing capability
  • Customer name links to the customer record
  • There will be additional releases and updates to this tool – this is currently in Phase 1

2. Feature Improvement: Updated itemization on the Quoting tool pdf

  • Added additional line for manufacturer incentives under discount

3. Feature Improvement: Non-Sellable Inventory will display notes

  • When you hover over “non-sellable inventory” status, it will display the reason stated in Lightspeed, if applicable
    • Examples: Recalled, natural disaster damage, missing parts, etc.
    • The inventory team will be the team that adds the notes in Lightspeed
  • This prevents the user from needing to go to Lightspeed to see the reason why the unit cannot be sold

*Bug Fixes:

  • Using Pending To ID instead of Pending to name for Inventory tool

*Other Notables

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