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Release Notes 4.8.3

Released on 6/5/2024

  1. Contract Date Updates: Pending Sales Log
  • “Contract Date” is now the deposit date
  • The deposit date is when the sold notifier email sends, which is when a unit moves to Pending status in ProRevver
    • Previously, “Contract Date” has always been the “origination date” in Lightspeed. The origination date is the date first quoted/entered in Lightspeed.

2. Age Column Updates: Pending Sales Log

  • Age = Number of days from Received Date to Contract Date
  • Age will stop counting at deposit date
  • Consignment Age will always default to zero
  • On Orders with negative dates will default to zero

*Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected an LPE error when the first name field is submitted as NULL

*Other Notables

  • Completed many updates to the mobile application
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