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Release Notes 4.9.0

Released on 6/12/2024

1. Sales Log: Added “Contract to Close” Column

  • This column is the number of days between the contract date and the close date of a deal
    • This will allow us more robust reporting on average closing timelines
  • Added Quoted Date, this is the origination date in Lightspeed
  • Contract Date is the date the deal was finalized in Lightspeed and the notifier was sent out

2. Sales Log: Rearrange and Remove Columns

  • Moved the “Stock Number” column next to the “Deal Number” column
  • Moved the “Age” column next to the “VIN”
  • Removed “Customer ID” column

*Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected the error that caused the CRM notifier emails to fail
  • Customer has/wants were not consistently showing on the “My Daily Follow Up” screen
  • Customer record was showing “Customer Has” vessel twice
  • Null reference in the Daily Store Log

*Other Notables

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