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Release Notes 4.9.5

Released on 7/10/2024

1. Feature Improvement: Daily Store Log Search

  • The name fields work as the search function
    • The phone number and email fields can still be used as search fields
  • If the customer is already in our system, you can select them from the list to auto-populate the remaining fields. If the customer is not in our system, you will no longer need to retype their information after searching.

2. Feature Improvement: Non-Sellable Units

  • Added a field to collect the reason a unit is non-sellable
    • This field can be edited and updated at anytime
    • Manager Tools > Non-Sellable Inventory

3. Feature Improvement: Quoting Tool

  • Added Trailer Cost to the Deal Recap
  • Added Dealer Options Cost to the Deal Recap
  • The Deal Recap will display the Deal Cost Summation
  • Display the Trailer’s Total Price
  • Display the Dealer Options Total Price

4. New Feature: User Profile

  • You can access your User Profile Settings by clicking the Settings gear icon in the top right and selecting “User Profile”
  • Set your Primary Location
    • If you have access to more than 1 location, this will allow your pages to load your primary location by default
      • Example: for managers who have access to multiple locations, you can set the store you want to see on your Manager Dashboard first
    • Add your Mobile Phone Number
    • Add your Bio
    • We will continue to add to this page with more settings and user options

*Bug Fixes:

  • Image Gallery results were not displaying properly to allow for image selection
  • Last name was not hyperlinking on the store log table
  • Corrected the inventory export to excel
  • Corrected trailer showing cost instead of MSRP on the Quoting Tool

*Other Notables

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