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Website Inventory Update – Boat Revver 2.3.92

Released on 3/11/24

This plugin update includes the following documented change logs:

1. Breadcrumbs/Breadcrumb Schema: The update introduces breadcrumbs on Listing Detail pages, facilitating improved navigation for users and enhancing content categorization and context for search engines. This addition aids Google’s algorithms in more effectively crawling and indexing our listing detail pages, thereby potentially elevating our search rankings.

2. Vehicle Listing Schema on Listing Detail Pages: In this update, we have integrated the Google Vehicle Listing schema into our Listing Detail pages. This strategic enhancement is designed to extend the reach of our vessel inventory to online consumers by showcasing essential information and visuals directly in Google’s search results and Google Shopping. This feature, previously implemented on our search pages, is now extended to include listing detail pages, thus enhancing visibility and attracting more qualified leads.

3. Improved Analytics Tracking: The analytics tracking on both the Search Results Page and Listing Details Page has been refined to provide deeper insights into customer interactions. By capturing detailed data on user behavior, searches, and engagement, we are equipped to make more data-driven decisions regarding website structure and user experience optimization.

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