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Website Inventory Update – Boat Revver 2.3000

Released on 9/15/23

This plugin update includes the following documented change logs:

1. Listing Detail Page>Display and Notate Co-brokered Vessels: We are now exposing and supporting the ‘co-brokerage’ field in the data provided. Vessels that are flagged as available for Co-brokerage will now be indicated with a small note on the listing detail page.

2. Listing Detail Page> New UI Layout: Sites using the boat (not yacht) template will experience a new listing detail page! This is a huge uplift and you can expect to note the following major changes:

  • Width of primary image gallery is smaller to remain above the fold and reduce scrolling
  • Contact pane at right is narrower
  • Hero images in gallery will have photo count and 360 overlay (clicking will open 360 view)
  • Color of buttons will change based on theme
  • Contact form, graphics and thumbnail images have a soft rounded edge
  • Payment suggestion has been added to the right of the vessel price. This includes the payment calculation, based on your values you plug into the payment calculator.
  • Shifting of button locations (favorites, schedule a tour, share)
  • Additional feature graphics to promote contact us, pre-approved, value trade
  • Removal of secondary photo gallery (that used to be below specs)

3. Search>Remove ‘Per Page’ sort on search: Per request, we have removed the per page feature and instead search includes infinite loading.

4. Mobile Search>Update Mobile Filter Button: For a clearer user experience we have update the mobile filter button to be labeled with text ‘filters’.

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